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Prairie Healthcare Scholarship

The Prairie Healthcare Scholarship is a way to help those on the Prairies that may have difficulties accessing higher education.

Success Stories

Kaitlyn Neustaeter

25 year old student Kaitlyn Neustaeter is well on her way to realizing her dreams of becoming a social worker. She is currently enrolled at Great Plains College in her final year of the University of Regina’s Bachelor of Social Work degree program. For the past seven years Kaitlyn has been a Direct Service Worker for Southwest Homes. She earned her Rehabilitation Workers Certificate in 2008 and has been working alongside individuals with varying intellectual and physical disabilities. Kaitlyn loved her job, but felt that she could be doing more. So she took some time off and travelled to New Zealand, where she volunteered as a counsellor at a children’s camp. She came away from that experience with a renewed passion for social work and helping others. Kaitlyn believes that furthering her education is how she will be able to make a larger impact and better serve her community. Today she works with her cliental to increase their independence and confidence. For Kaitlyn, living, working and studying in a rural community has given her opportunities she might not have had otherwise. She looks forward to completing her degree early and continuing to make a meaningful contribution to our Healthcare system.

Annette Haugen

22 Years after Annette Haugen left school, she began preparing to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. Annette is currently enrolled in the Great Plains College Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science Nursing program. Being a mother at a young age, Annette always desired to be helpful and care for others. Early on she worked in the hospitality and service industries, believing one day she could contribute in a more meaningful way that would lead to better job satisfaction. In 2005 Annette obtained her Medical Office Assistant Diploma and became a medical transcriptionist in a specialist’s clinic. She enjoyed her position there, but was still looking to do more for the medical community. So in 2011 Annette obtained her GED and completed the pre-requisites needed to apply to nursing. For the past three years she has been employed as a Care Aide in a retirement home. Being a part of the healthcare system ignited a long time dream to become a Registered Nurse. Setting an example for her daughter, who is in her fourth year of University, Annette believes that it is never too late to follow your dreams. In pursuing her goals through hard work and determination Annette hopes to one day become an exceptional caregiver.

Cole Kritzer

18 year old Cole Kritzer’s dream is to be a doctor. Whether he is a pediatrician, Sports specialist or surgeon, he is determined to help others and make a meaningful contribution to our healthcare system. Academically strong, Cole has been on the honour roll his entire high school career. One of Cole’s scholastic achievements is being chosen to write the French version of the Waterloo International Mathematics exam. In addition to pursuing his academic goals, Cole understands the importance of volunteering, a trait which his parents instilled in him from a young age. Being a part of the Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Salvation Army, have led Cole to volunteer in organizations like S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) and Operation Christmas Child. One of Cole’s volunteer highlights was stepping up to coach an Under 12 United Boys soccer team when there was a lack of coaches. For his efforts he was named Saskatchewan’s Grassroots Player of the year by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association. Cole’s volunteer experiences as well as positive role models have led him to pursue a career in medicine. He has been accepted into the University of Saskatchewan’s Kinesiology degree program and is looking forward to pursuing a career in medicine.

Cheyenne Schulze

High School student Cheyenne Schulze is passionate about giving back to her community. She has always had a keen interest in helping young children with disabilities. Through her volunteer experiences in the community she has chosen to pursue a career in Kinesiology at Medicine Hat College, with a goal of becoming a Physiotherapist for children with disabilities. This aspiration is highlighted through a work experience and career program where Cheyenne is currently working at Central Avenue Physiotherapy, as well as assisting a young girl with Autism and Epilepsy. Academically Cheyenne has been on the Honour Roll for her entire high school career and is currently President of the Hazlet High School Student Representative Council. Another passion of Cheyenne’s is dance. Dancing since she was three years old, she is not only taking classes in Ballet, Pointe, Highland, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro and Lyrical, but she is also teaching dance to young students in Hazlet. One of Cheyenne’s dance highlights was to perform at the Premier’s Dinner in Regina to a crowd of over two thousand people. Through dance Cheyenne has found the confidence and determination to pursue her dreams and help others.

Sidney Stock

Pursuing a career in nursing, high school student Sidney Stock has recently been accepted into the Registered Nursing Program at Medicine Hat College. Sidney has always had a desire to be helpful and be the person that others can rely on when needed. Her passion for caregiving stems from her personal life. Growing up with a younger brother who has Cystic Fibrosis has given her firsthand knowledge of the importance of nursing. Through a work experience and career class she has been given the opportunity to shadow Special Care Aides, LPN’s, and Registered Nurses at the Palliser Regional Care Centre. This opportunity has further inspired her to pursue her dream. Academically strong, Sidney has been on the honour roll all through high school, but she also has a keen understanding of what it means to be a leader. She has been an active member of Hazlet School’s Student Representative Council since Grade 6. Through her work and volunteer opportunities she believes that a smaller setting will give her the wide variety of medical experiences she seeks. With this in mind, it is Sidney’s goal to complete her degree and come back to Southwest Saskatchewan to work in a rural community.

Caitlin Wotton

20 year old Caitlin Wotton is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Saskatchewan. It is her goal to become a Physician and return to Southwest Saskatchewan to give back to the community that has nurtured her dreams. Caitlin has recently been accepted into the Golden Key International Honours Society, whose members are in the top 15% of the University. Her passion and enthusiasm for medicine comes from her volunteer experiences, work opportunities and growing up in and around Swift Current. Working in her mother’s hair salon at Riverview Village Estates for the past three summers, Caitlin has witnessed firsthand the health deficiencies of our aging seniors. Her appreciation of working with seniors and being in a rural setting further ignited her passion for medicine. In addition to her academic goals, Caitlin focuses on bettering herself as a leader and advocate for community health and well-being. She volunteers at the locally student run clinic SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health) in Saskatoon. She is also Vice President of the University of Saskatchewan Pre-Med Club. Through all of her experiences Caitlin believes volunteering has given her a better understanding of the importance of being accountable for the health of others.